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Laundry service is responsible for providing an adequate, clean and constant supply of linen to all users. The basic tasks include: sorting, washing, extracting, drying, ironing, folding, mending and delivery. A reliable laundry service is of utmost importance to the hospital. In today’s medical care facilities, patients expect linen to be changed daily. An adequate supply of clean linen is sufficient for the comfort and safety of the patient thus becomes essential.

Department has to sections namely:

1. Out-patient Department.

2. In-patient Department.

Out-patient Department (OPD):

OPD is De-centralized keeping in view of better and quicker medical services to the patient.Under this system patient need not wait for a long time either at the Central Registration Counter or in the department where the patient require services. Even filing and retrieval for follow-up is being done in the respective department.

In-patient (IPD):

There are two admission Counters, one at the ground level and another at the Causality. IPD Registration takes place in these two counters. After admission patients are being treated in the ward and no. of forms are used to document the patients treatment . After discharge such Medical Documents are processed at MRD like assembling and deficiency check, completion of the case-sheets , discharge analysis , compilation of statistics , coding and indexing of diseases and operations etc. Completed case-sheets are filed for all future needs of the hospital.