North Sadar Bazar
Solapur, 413003

0217-2319900 - 06

Sun: Emergency Only
Mon - Fri : 9:00am to 6:00pm



The purpose of this CSSD is to prepare and furnish other departments with sterile equipment and supplies needed in the patients care for High tech cardiac OT, Cath lab, ITU, Dialysis, all wards & all department

Twice we go to all wards at 8am to 10 am & 1 pm to 3 pm to supply them sterile equipment and to collect the censterile equipments. ( Once we bring the instruments to the CSSD, the soiled instruments will be unhinged with gloves hand and dropped them in to a basin & it will be rinsed in the cold water thoroughly after examined for its cleanliness and orderliness it will be put in to the 5% savlon solution for 1/2 an hour after that again it will be put into dish drop solution then it will be put into the washer disinfector for through washing and disinfecting of the articles, Some times when the machine is under repair the manual scrubbing of the instruments will be alone. After through washing it will be taken out to put inside the drying cabinet for drying, after that, we will separate all the instruments again & all the different procedure trays will be set & the recheck of the trays will be by the supervisors and it will be packed and labeled for sterilization)