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The Cardio-Thoracic Surgery Department (CVTS) is a renowned and one of the oldest super specialty department of the hospital, which had started functioning in the year 1993

It has a dedicated team of Surgeons, Anaesthetist, perfusionist aided by a well trained team of Intensive care Nurses, technicians and Para-medics

The CVTS Dept. is well equipped with a Separate Cardiac Operation Theater and 5 bedded Recovery room. It is equipped with the latest equipments, which can be compared to the Best available in the Country.

The Department deals with Heart, Lung and Blood Vessel diseases. A wide range of Heart operations are carried out on a daily basis, from the most common ASD, VSD Closure (Hole in the Heart) to the more complex Coronary Bypass surgery, Heart valve repair/ replacement surgery and even surgery on small blue Babies.

The CVTS department has actively participated in National Programmes of Govt. viz, National Rural Health Mission(NRHM), and Jeevan Dayee Scheme.

Under NRHM scheme in the last couple of years, it has operated over 200 school going children from neighboring districts.

The Jeevan Dayee scheme of the Maharashtra Govt. is for below- poverty-line patients suffering from Heart Diseases. Operations under the scheme are done at subsidized rates. The department has been amongst the first to implement this scheme and spread the benefit to hundreds of patients.Thus the department has tried to live up to its social commitment.

Open Heart Surgery
Close Heart Surgery
Open Heart By-Pass

Doctors In Department

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Dr. Kishore C. Yadav


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Dr. Sanjay R. Gaikwad