OPD Registration

  • Registration counter is on the ground floor in "A" Wing.

  • The OPD registration timing is Daily between 9.00 am to 1.30 pm & 4.00 pm to 8.00 pm

  • For further enquiry kindly contact on OPD Incharge 0217-2319900 ext. 114, for Cardiac OPD        and Paediatric OPD


    IPD Registration

    IPD Registration and Admission counter is on the ground floor in “C” Wing near casualty department





24 Hours

0217-2319900 ext 149,148

When you are coming for admission, Please check the following:

  • Your Doctor's referral letter.

  • Letter of guarantee from your Employer or Insurance Policy / card of Insurance Company, if part or all of your medical expenses are to be borne by your Employer / Insurance Company.

  • Your pervious investigation reports and list of the medications which you are presently taking.

  • DEPOSIT- It is suggested that the deposit in accordance with the schedule of charges to be paid in advance, in order to avoid delay in completing admission formalities at the time of admission. The Registration Staff will inform you of the required deposit which may be paid by cash,.

  • No Deposit is to be collected from patients requiring admission in IPD from company tie-up patients subject to approval i.e. cash less beneficiary

  • Registration is done for the pre decided admissions. The registration date and class is mutually decided by the treating doctor and the patient.


  • The patient or patient’s relative has to fill and sign the patient information form prior to the admission.

  • It is noted that the information given by patient or patient’s relative in the patient information form should be correct as the same is noted in the admission papers and is used for all practical purposes like birth certificate, insurance claim, medico legal purposes etc.

  • Ashwini Rugnalaya  is a tertiary referral acute care  hospital equipped with the latest medical technology and equipment. We offer a comprehensive range of medical and surgical facilities for the total management of our patients under one roof. At Ashwini Rugnalaya, our responsibility is to provide quality care and service to our patients.

  • We are committed to meet your needs and to make your stay in the hospital comfortable and pleasant. Please do not hesitate to ask our staff for assistance. We wish you a pleasant stay.



  • Admission counter is on the ground floor in “C” Wing. The counter is open round the clock.

  • The admission procedure comprises of two activities
    a) The bed allotment
    b) Preparation of admission papers, after payment of the required security deposit which depends on the class of admission. The patients are then taken to the respective location.

  • However the casualty and emergency cases are always at the utmost priority.

  • The tie up companies patients are given admission in the class they are eligible for without security deposit after they submit an authority letter by the company.

  • In case of non availability of the beds the registered patients are admitted in the available bed/class and are transferred to the desired class on priority.

  • The emergency cases are admitted on the available bed/class and can be shifted to the desired class as and when available.

  • In case of any inconvenience kindly contact the Administrative officer on call.

  • The hospital will not take responsibility for the safekeeping of personal valuables, hence we advise that you leave your valuables at home.



  • Deposits/Payments are to be made in Cash/Demand Drafts, All Credit Cards (VISA/MasterCard) accepted.

  • If, during the stay of a patient, bills that are submitted are not settled within the prescribed time, the Hospital reserves the right to transfer the patient to the General Ward.

  • In the unlikely event of a breakdown of the computer system before the final bill is prepared, the patient will be required to make an additional deposit, approximating to the final bill at the time of his/her discharge. The final settlement of the bill will be made later on.

  • For any discrepancy in the bills, please contact the Billing Section on 2319900 Extension No. 215 or 148.

  • Medical Claims for reimbursement purposes will be attested by the Health officer 2319900 Extension No. 100 and 306.

  • In case Ambulance service is required, please contact Direct No 9422067194, 9423588394, 9552555037 or on 2319900 Extension No. 301.

  • Patients are advised not to keep any valuables, jewellery or other costly items with them during their stay at the Hospital.

  • Patients/relatives are requested not to tip the staff as this is strictly prohibited.

  • Any employee demanding tips should be reported to the Ward Incharge or to a Administrative officer on call.

  • In case the patient has any problem or would like to make any suggestions during his/her stay in the Hospital, he/she may register them on the register located in the Nursing station on each floor/ward.

  • Please do not Smoke or Spit in the Hospital premises

  • All payable amount should be deposited in OPD / Cash / Admission counter only and obtain receipt for it.


  • The patients or the relative has to sign the consent form on the admission and before he/she is undergoing any surgery or procedure or treatment.



The patient’s rooms are distributed into:





Two patients in a room.

Attainder cot provided

Common Toilet for both patients


Single Room

Attainder cot provided

Television facility

Attached Toilet bathroom


Deluxe Room

Attainder cot provided

Television facility

 Air Condition

Attached Toilet/bathroom


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