Although Ashwini Hospital strives to provide the very best to its patients in terms of medical excellence and hospitality, when it comes to paediatrics, it would be fair to say that the hospital virtually doesn't leave any stone unturned. It combines the latest health facilities, utmost hygiene standards, eminent experts with years of experience and expertise to their credit, and the factor which assumes a whole new importance when it comes to children-related treatment, warm behavior. Ashwini Hospital ensures optimum care through holistic approach and teamwork.

      Ashwini Hospital offers tertiary care in various paediatric specialties. The hospital has an outstanding team of paediatric specialties covering all major fields in paediatrics. Ashwini Hospital has excellent support of experts in rehabilitation, physiotherapy, dietetics and nutrition, child guidance, etc. to provide comprehensive management of problems of neonates and children. The centre has well equipped Paediatric and Neonatal Intensive Care Units, comparable to the best in the world. Ashwini Hospital also offers facilities for transport of critically ill babies and children.


  • Dr.Umakant R. Warerkar
  • M.D.(Paediatrics),DCH,FIAP,FIAMS
  • Dr.Ashok V. Apte
  • M. D.(Paediatrics),DCH
  • Dr.Mrs. Vidya S. Deshpande
  • M.D.(Paediatrics),DCH
  • Dr.Pramod T. Kulkarni
  • M.D.(Paediatrics),DCH
  • Dr.Sunil S. Vaidya
  • M.D.(Paediatrics),DCH
  • Dr.Abhijeet U. Warerkar
  • M.D.(Paediatrics)Neonatology

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